Tummy Ache

I Need A Doctor
I’m about to lose my mind
You’ve been gone for so long
I’m runnin’ outta time
I need a doctor, call me a doctor
I need a doctor, doctor
To bring me back to life

Violetility Autumn Nest Chair and Rug (Leaf) @ {Cosmopolitan}
{Q-Essentials} Big Wheel Bicycle Clock @ {The Old Fair}
{Q} Essentials Alpha Bravo Desk
~BAZAR~ Traveler-Plant2
+Half-Deer+ The Mad Scientist’s Birdcage
REKT Paris Bottles V1 – Midnight Madness
Elle Mode – Frappuccino, Brownies, and Candy
JIAN Beagle – Luke Box

What I’m Wearing:
Hair: .Entwined. Zoe – Dark Browns
Romper: [I<3F] Blouse and Romper @ {Suicide Dollz}
Shoes: [Vale Koer] Bella Suede Boots Black @ {Kustom9}

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