Burger Time

Burger Time

When dinner attacks you just have to run!!!  

{GOOSE} Burger Boxes available at the

{MadPea’s International Food Fair} until March 4th!


Head: {LOGO} Mesh Head Alex

Body: {Maitreya} – Mesh Body Lara

Hands – {Vista} Bento Prohands

Skin: {theSkinnery} – Lydia – honey

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: {.Entwined.} Daisy

Dress: .miss chelsea. Remy Dress Maitreya Black @ {Rewind 90s Throwback Event}

Shoes: {fri.day} – Casey.Plats @ {Uber} 

Socks:  {fri.day} Lydia.Socks (Tier Tops)

Necklace: Contrax. – Spike Collar/Choker @ {The Fantasy Gacha Collective}

Bracelet: Kibitz – Jelly bangles @ {Rewind 90s Throwback Event}

Rings: {-Secrets-} Bianca Rings – Black

Tattoo: {.Facade.} Cruel Beauty

Pose: {+Kiss Me Poses+} BOSS Female Version


Save Me From My Thoughts

Save Me From Myself

My love is tainted by your touch
‘Cause some guys have shown me aces
But you’ve got that royal flush
I know it’s crazy everyday
Well, tomorrow may be shaky
But you never turn away


Head: {LOGO} Mesh Head Alex

Body: {Maitreya} – Mesh Body Lara

Hands – {Vista} Bento Prohands

Skin: {theSkinnery} – Lydia – honey

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: {TETRA} – Coconut Hair – Balayage @ {Uber}

Dress: {[ Red Room]} T Shirt Dress

Necklace / Earrings: {Zibska} Aine @ {Shiny Shabby}

Rings: {-Secrets-} Bianca Rings – Black

Bracelet: (Bauhaus Movement) – Natacha

Pose: {+Kiss Me Poses+} Close up Collection #7

Picture taken: Luanes Magical World

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Baby it’s Cold Outside!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: {Magika} – Amuse Me

Headpiece: {Astralia} – Twilight Beauty 

Outfit: {Dead Dollz} Dita Bra and Panties – AntiquePink

Shoes: TETRA – Lace-up Suede Heels @ {Kustom 9}

Bracelet: {erratic} / cuff / silver


{NewChurch}: :: N :: Daphne Chaise, Adult

{::C’est la vie !::} Nora clutch (leather) – FLF

{.cosmic peaches.} – LeatherBound Photo Album – Brown

{Stockholm&Lima} Valentine’s Blush Love Letters and Flower

{Soy.} Potted Pothos [Ssize]

{anc} flottante puppy. cream . layB / withCollar

Find my Head, Body, and Skin in the Tab Above ❤

She’s Sugar & Spice and I’m Not Nice


Hair: Exile:: Little by Little {Exile}

Dress: ChicModa // Jett // {ChicModa in BishBox’s February Round (Monthly Subscription Box)} {ChicModa Mainstore}

Boots: JD – Trenton Black Boots {Just Design}

Tights: Zibska-Qip {Zibska}

Tattoo: Letis tattoo Ixchel (Maitreya Applier) {Letis Tattoo}

Collar: [I<3C] – Collar {[I<3C] at Suicide Dollz-February Round}

Rings: -Secrets- Bianca Rings {Secrets}

Cigarette: *The Collective* Black Clove Cigar {The Collective Marketplace}

Basic Info ~ Logo Alex, the Skinnery Celine, Maitreya Lara


Hair: Exile::Day The World Went Away {Exile}

Dress: ChicModa // Jett // {ChicModa in BishBox’s February Round (Monthly Subscription Box)} {ChicModa Mainstore}

Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots {[ hoorenbeek ]}

Tights: Pantyhose Double Heart (Maitreya Applier) {Dear Prudence}

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo : Naisha (Maitreya & Bento Hand Applier) {Letis Tattoo}

Earrings, Choker (Dusht Set) & Arm Bands (Yodha Set) *GACHAS* {PROMAGIC}

Bracelets: Izzie’s – Belt Bracelets {Izzie’s}

Leg Bands/Belt, Knives & Note (Lovely Killer Set) *GACHAS* {ERSCH at GACHA Garden Event} {ERSCH Mainstore}

Check out {Veronica’s Secrets Blog} for all her Body, Head, and Skin information!


Pose: {Rose & Thorn} Poses  Ex’s & Oh’s (used with Vista Bento Hands) {{Rose & Thorn} Poses Marketplace}

Stairs Backdrop (Recycle bin, Posters & Newspapers included): ninety-area51 backdrop {ninety}

Graffiti Backdrop: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Quaker Street *GACHA* (Found on Marketplace;  RAMA Mainstore Temporarily closed)

Basketball hoop: hive // forgotten basketball hoop {hive}

Vending Machine {Soy}

Paper Piles *GACHA* {tres blah}

Beer Bottles on ground *GACHA* {[Fetch]}

Cigarette Box & Butts {Nikotin}

Bang Bang – Green Day

Bang, bang, give me fame
Shoot me up to entertain
I am a semi-automatic lonely boy
You’re dead, I’m well fed
Give me death or give me head
Daddy’s little psycho and mommy’s little soldier

Hardcore Candy-store Girl

Matchbox Twenty – She’s So Mean

I kn-kn-know a girl

She gets what she wants all the time

‘Cause she’s fine

But for an angel, she’s a hot, hot mess

Make you so blind

But you don’t mind

‘Cause she’s an uptown, get-around, anything-goes girl

She’s a hardcore, candy-store, give-me-some-more girl


Head: {LOGO} Mesh Head Alex

Body: {Maitreya} – Mesh Body Lara

Hands – {Vista} Bento Prohands

Skin: {theSkinnery} – Celine – honey

Makeup: {Zibska} Lips – Hildis and Eyes – Seija

Tattoo: [AR2 Style] Kendra

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Vic – FLF Exclusive

Collar: [I<3C] Collar @ {Suicide Dollz}

Top: {erratic} / bralette Groupgift 16 – Black

Bottoms: [I<3F] Slip panties @ {Suicide Dollz}

Shoes: fri. – Belle Wedges @ {Collabor88}

Headphones: Bauhaus Movement – Motorhead @ {Shiny Shabby}

Right Hand Pose: {+Kiss Me Poses+} Close Up Collection #5


:: NEWCHURCH :: Daphne Chaise @ {On9}

{:: NEWCHURCH ::} Shen Spiral Shelf Unit, Light Teak, Opium Low Table, Light Teak

{Q-Essentials} Music Note and Music Sheet Wall Decor @ {The Hipster Fair}

Cheeky Pea – :CP: Forgotten Places Fireplace – Worn @ February {DecoCrate}

{Kalopsia} – Hortensia Vase, Orchids (Natural Pink), Castle Lamp, Flying Paper

.random.Matter. – Book of Sorrows @ November {DecoCrate}

{-tres blah-} Eclectic Collection – Globe (The World is Yours), Charmed Books, Trinkets, Hodgepodge – What’s in My Bag RARE, Golden Cage – Peonies (Silver), Workspace – Print and Books

{Soy.} Potted Ponytail Palm, Potted Pothos, Water-Mashroom w/Water bowl

{.cosmic peaches.}  – Trendy Laptop, Stargazing Bottle

Stockholm&Lima:Lover’s Trail-Hers and His @ February {DecoCrate}

{Dead Dollz} – The Party One – Dress – Red – Previously @ 6Republic

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday and The Pots are taking time to rest, play, and get a little work done around the house. With the cuties on their heels. heads or stealing pizza, they are enjoying listening to the birds chirp and feeling the sun warm their lil terracotta hearts!!

The following items can be found at {Shiny Shabby}

GOOSE – Pot People V2 Gacha

bath pot, fish pot, lazy pot, soccer pot, stolen head pot, welcome pot, and work pot (swing pot not pictured)

{YD} Sweet kitchen appliances -Lilac mixer, Roasted cake Lilac

The following items can be found at {MadPea International Food Fair – www.madpeagames.com}

Fiasco – Shabby Kitchen Island

Cwtch. Welsh Rarebit (Posh Cheese on Toast!), Bara Brith

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Tea Party – Grand Cake Colorful – RARE

[Merak] – Strawberry Chocolate Cake

[DD] Ice cream cone drip cake lemon

CR Watermelon Arrangement

[Ginger Line] Sushi Rolls, Sushi on Bamboo


The following item can be found at {Whimsical}

Contrax. – Cactus – Rezzable

Other items will be found in the below store link

{| T | L | C | Home Collection} – Bird table, Panda Rock plinth

{Little Branch} – RiverWood, OakWood, Sunflowers

{JIAN} – Love Pugs 3. Pug Wagon RARE, 5. Sleepy Family, Beagle Pup (Wanderer), Kitten Collection :: Static (Inquisitive), (Sleepy 2)

{Mutresse} – Pleased-Dalmatian Puppies, Stick-Dalmatian Pup

{dust bunny} . hill top cottage, round desk . brown

{.:revival:.} fire bowl

{consignment} Planter’s Habitat – Hose 1

{Belle Epoque} {TSS GIFT} Garden Cart

Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful} 1prim ring

Paint Me A Memory

Paint Me A Memory 


Head: {LOGO} Alex

Skin: {Belleza} -FLF- Amberr LOGO Applier – Pale

Body: {Maitreya} – Mesh Body Lara

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: {*Argrace*} Kohahu – Dark Browns

Dress: {[ Red Room ]} Elegante IN LOVE White @ Hashtag in Love

Shoes: {fri.day} – Daphne.Platforms – Antique

Necklace: {Zibska} [Group Gift] Lydie

Watch: {Izzy’s} – Opulent Watch silver/copper

Pose: {Rose & Thorns} unconditional

Picture taken{Le Sexieme Sens}

Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer ~ Elton John

But oh how it feels so real
Lying here with no one near
Only you and you can hear me
When I say softly, slowly

Hold me closer tiny dancer
Count the headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of linen
You had a busy day today


Head: {LOGO} Mesh Head Alex

Skin: {Belleza} -FLF- Amberr LOGO Applier – Pale

Body: {Maitreya} – Mesh Body Lara

What I’m Wearing:

Hair:  {Truth VIP} – February HoneyAna

Dress: -[Fuchon]- Chelsea Dress @ {The Loft7 Fair}

Shoes: {Dead Dollz} Legwarmers+Pointe

Tattoo: {.Facade.} Cruel Beauty

Pose: {String Me Up} On Pointe 02


GOOSE – wheatered Garden kiosk @ {Cosmopolitan}

{Little Branch} – Riverwood, Honeytree, Oakwood, AutumnBrise, Bradford.Bended, Wildgrass

{E.V.E.} The Birds Grass {Black}

{Kalopsia} – Dark Heart Lantern

{Ariskea} [Nordica] Hybrid Roses Violet

Valentines Shmalentines

Welcome to my Valentine’s Day Workout Routine!

Eric Church – Smoke a Little Smoke

I’m gonna sit right here, stay away from there
I’m gon’ make pretend I just don’t care
I could get up, go get him back
Or maybe I’ll just let him go
Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke, yeah


Head and Skin: {Genesis Lab} Eva Bento Head

Body: {Maitreya} – Mesh Body Lara

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: {-Fabia-} Ruslana Natural Tones

Top: .:Lekilicious Store:. Lyliie Sport Top Black @ {The Loft7 Fair}

Shorts: {LePunk} Sporty Sports with Patch

Shoes: .:Lekilicious Store:. sneakers @ {The Loft7 Fair}

Watch: {e.marie} // 10:10 Onyx

Pose: {Something New} **SE~ Sitting Strong includes Wine and Cigarette


{Q-Essentials} Corrugated Nature Wall Decor @ {Elite}

{Cwtch.} Bra Off (Regular) Wall

The following items were all part of January Collabor88. Links provided to inworld store:

{Soy.} The Studio

{Sari-Sari} – Resistance Bands Shelf, Wall Bench

{Second Spaces} – Chic Gym sideboard – manatee grey

{Kalopsia} – Kali’s Shelf, Kali’s Weights, Kali’s Yoga Mat

{Purple Poses} – SportTime Sexy Kettlebell, Wieght, Barbell

Male Prop is Not Included – I had to borrow him myself!

Thank you Fontis (the man with to many last names) Hastings

My Momma Says I’m Datable

Reasons to Go Out With Me:  Just ask me!!

I order Take-out like a beast!!

I love Dogs!

There are 2 seasons – Football and Hunting!

Yes, I have a Gold Pooper! (and I drug all the way downstairs just for the picture)

Beer and Wine are always on Tap!


Head: Genesis Lab Eva Bento Head

Skin: Genesis Lab Eva Cream 

{Genesis Lab Main store}

Body: {Maitreya} – Mesh Body Lara

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: {Truth VIP} – January Kati

Romper: {Maitreya} Nova Black

Shoes: {[Breathe]} -Camshaft Heels – Antique Ruby

Jewelry: {Meva} Indrya Set Silver Bangles and Collar


Fiasco – Go Out With Me Marquee @ {Cosmopolitan}

Fiasco – Queen’s Gold Toilet Rare @ {The Gacha Garden}

Cwtch. Welsh Recipe Tea towel @ Mad Pea International Food Fair Coming Feb 18th

JIAN Southern Shelties 10. Merle Sheltie Wanderer @ {The Epiphany}

20. MADDICT – Wine Water Cooler – RARE @ {The Epiphany}

Qausi – Exclusive Blend Cigar Box @ {Kinky Monthly}

{-tres blah-} Hodgepodge – Stacked Magazines

{!! Follow Us !!} New Brunch tray –

{Tentacio} – croissants, pancake tower, Sugar donas, hot milk

{what next} Copper Hot Chocolate Machine

{ROOST} – Lawn Mower (Grey) WEAR!

{Foxes} – Urban Fallout – Hound – Grey (MC)

{yumyum} ivy A(green)

BALACLAVA!! Beer Kegerator, Beer Keg

{iD} VerstecK / BeeR

..::THOR::.. Dirty Coffeeshop Counter, Harvest Stool


{Le Poppycock} *Neon Lights*B – Starbathing