Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday and The Pots are taking time to rest, play, and get a little work done around the house. With the cuties on their heels. heads or stealing pizza, they are enjoying listening to the birds chirp and feeling the sun warm their lil terracotta hearts!!

The following items can be found at {Shiny Shabby}

GOOSE – Pot People V2 Gacha

bath pot, fish pot, lazy pot, soccer pot, stolen head pot, welcome pot, and work pot (swing pot not pictured)

{YD} Sweet kitchen appliances -Lilac mixer, Roasted cake Lilac

The following items can be found at {MadPea International Food Fair –}

Fiasco – Shabby Kitchen Island

Cwtch. Welsh Rarebit (Posh Cheese on Toast!), Bara Brith

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Tea Party – Grand Cake Colorful – RARE

[Merak] – Strawberry Chocolate Cake

[DD] Ice cream cone drip cake lemon

CR Watermelon Arrangement

[Ginger Line] Sushi Rolls, Sushi on Bamboo


The following item can be found at {Whimsical}

Contrax. – Cactus – Rezzable

Other items will be found in the below store link

{| T | L | C | Home Collection} – Bird table, Panda Rock plinth

{Little Branch} – RiverWood, OakWood, Sunflowers

{JIAN} – Love Pugs 3. Pug Wagon RARE, 5. Sleepy Family, Beagle Pup (Wanderer), Kitten Collection :: Static (Inquisitive), (Sleepy 2)

{Mutresse} – Pleased-Dalmatian Puppies, Stick-Dalmatian Pup

{dust bunny} . hill top cottage, round desk . brown

{.:revival:.} fire bowl

{consignment} Planter’s Habitat – Hose 1

{Belle Epoque} {TSS GIFT} Garden Cart

Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful} 1prim ring

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