Love of Art

[ west end] Bento Posses – Too Far Gone – Couple Pose at Pose Fair starting on September 7th Ride to Event

Both are wearing BOM Paint Splatter from This Is Wrong – on her Pollock, on him Warpaint

Other items included:
Atelier Burgundy . Unfinished Wall (Cosmopolitan current round 9.10)
Atelier Burgundy . Abstract Canvas, Drafting Table Set, The Artist Clutter Set, Drawing Board, Scattered Papers, Messy Artist Rug
Violetility – Light Vines Wall Art
..::THOR::..The Travel Memories, Sketchbook with Sheets, Wood Speaker, Loft Lamp
AF Art Studio Easel Sm Canvas
Apple Fall Banana Tree
[Merak] – Mixed Pot
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bureau Lamp, vintage camera, Old Fan, Magazines
RO – The Salty Sailor – Artists Stool
-tres blah- Golden Cage – Iced Coffee and Coffee Run

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