Bless this Mess

{OBD} Old Barn Door
➤ {OBD} Farmhouse Shaker Set

This set comes with:
☑{OBD} Farmhouse Shaker Bench – 8LI
☑{OBD} Farmhouse Shaker Frame 1 – 4LI (not pictured)
☑{OBD} Farmhouse Shaker Frame 2 – 4LI (not pictured)
☑{OBD} Farmhouse Shaker Wreath Frame – 3LI
☑{OBD} Farmhouse Shaker Rack – 4LI

[Blanket has 7 textures, just click to change]
[Pillow has 9 textures, click to change]

This is 100% Highly detailed Mesh, providing singles and couples animations and a smooth swing animation!

Also pictured:
Apple Fall
Pug Ceramic Decor
Clay Cat – Nuit
Leather Moccasins
Coffee & Muffin
‘Love’ Metal Sign – Nickel
Canvas Tote
Aspidistra in Wicker Planter

Mithral *
Wall Frame Planter (Metal Pack)
Ring Hanger Philodendron (Brasil)

.peaches. The Luckiest – Wood Basket

[Atomic Home] Astronomical Pendant Lights

Fancy Decor: Uber Rug

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