Twinkle Twinkle

2MUCH Event Currently at ~ October Round starting 10/29
Quadratus Demise ~ Q.D Oblivisci Vestido short ver in Raven (Long version available as well) and Q.D Oblivion Staff in RavenSil ftpck exclusive
Zibska Rin Ruffles with headpiece, collar, and orbits with colour change HUD

Also Pictured:
^^Swallow^^ Crossover Elf Ears
Tulssy Pointed Silver Nails
Tableau Vivant \ Grim[m]Tales – Snow White – Brown
Mister Razzor ~ Chiara Tattoo
THIS IS WRONG ~ Pennywise and Voodoo Makeup

Backdrop: Luna Roja – Halloween Mood – The Bearded Guy

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